Forgiveness - God's Master Key, Peter Horrobin, ISBN: 9781852405021

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Forgiveness - God's Master Key, Peter Horrobin, ISBN: 9781852405021

This book is one of the most outstanding and concise available on the subject of forgiveness.

"In this book Peter Horrobin hands us the master key to healing and freedom. It undermines all our excuses and challenges us to take the plunge and pray the most powerful prayer of all."
WAYNE HILSDEN - Senior Pastor, King of King’s Assembly, Jerusalem

"Never has a book been more timely or helpful. Peter explores forgiveness biblically, personally and practically. Every Christian needs to read and respond to the teaching."
JIM GRAHAM - Pastor Emeritus, Gold Hill Baptist Church

"Simple, yet profound. Explains the key to life as taught and modelled by Jesus Himself."
ALISTAIR PETRIE - Founder and Executive Director, Partnership Ministries

"Keys that will transform your thoughts and actions. We wholeheartedly recommend this much-needed book."
EDDIE AND ALICE SMITH - Co-founders, US Prayer Center

"For 45 years I have seen the damage and hurt of unforgiveness. I am so thankful that my friend Peter Horrobin has written such a dynamic, easy-to-read, cutting-edge book on this vital, neglected and biblical subject."
GEORGE VERWER - Founder, Operation Mobilisation

"Peter has brilliantly communicated, in clear and precise language, the tools God has given us to make what is impossible with man possible with God."
DAVID KYLE FOSTER - Executive Director, Mastering Life Ministries

Dit book is in het Engels geschreven.
De Nederlandse versie is verkrijgbaar op dit website onder de titel:
Het Krachtigste gebed op Aarde. ISBN: 9789492259097

This book is written in English.
The Dutch version is available on the website under the title:
Het Krachtigste gebed op Aarde. ISBN: 9789492259097


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