God's Way out of Depression, David Cross, ISBN: 9781852408091

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God's Way out of Depression

David Cross

ISBN: 9781852408091 [160 pages]

The Bible shows us that God has an answer to depression, which is today’s most common human disorder in terms of the number of people affected worldwide. Through the healing ministry of Jesus, it’s possible to explore the roots of this debilitating disease and then to travel with Him on a journey of freedom. Thankfully, the medical profession is gaining increasing understanding in how to alleviate the symptoms of depression, but only God can bring restoration to the deep spiritual dysfunction in our lives which frequently lies at the heart of medical disorders.

This book incorporates testimonies from twelve people, with very different life stories, describing their miraculous healing journey out of major depression, and we see that their experiences affirm the keys given to us in the Bible for pursuing God’s restoration of His created order in our lives. This book does not advocate a technique for healing but seeks to point the reader towards powerful biblical principles which can open the door to God’s way out of depression.


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