Freedom from Pornography with David Steele

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Freedom from Pornography (Engels gesproken) David Steele

Jesus replied:
What is impossible with man is possible with God

Mark 18:27

Can there be truly help and hope for those who are hooked?

How do we deal with someone in our local church who confesses an addiction to pornography? What do we do if we suspect that a member of our family or someone close to us has a problem with it? Where and who dp we go to for help if we are hooked?

Pornography is a tool that the enemy uses to bring much guilt and shame into the lives of many men and women, though it is rarely talked about in the church. It is something that can destroy marriages and make people feel unworthy to fulfil God’s call on our lives.

This one day course held at Pierrepont will provide teaching on how pornography can become an addiction, and how we can minister into this area to bring wonderful freedom in the name of Jesus.



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